Leaving due to a reorganisation

Redeployment investigation

As a result of a reorganisation it may become clear that there is no position for you in the new organisation. If this is the case you then become a redeployment candidate. The University will start a redeployment investigation together with you, which generally takes ten months.

Dismissal procedure

If at the end of the redeployment investigation it is clear that there is no suitable post for you at the University and you have also not found a new job outside the University, redundancy will follow.

The following procedure applies:

  • Assessment by the VSNU Assessment Committee
    If you are made redundant as a result of a reorganisation, the Assessment Committee will evaluate whether the redeployment efforts of the University and yourself have been adequate. You can only be dismissed once the Assessment Committee has issued its verdict on this.

  • Dismissal intention
    If the Assessment Committee considers the redeployment efforts adequate, you will be notified of the intention to dismiss you. 

  • Right to respond
    You will invited to a meeting at which you will have the opportunity to respond to this intention.  

  • Decision to dismiss you
    If your response does not lead to any new insights or a change of intention, the decision to dismiss you will follow. It is possible to lodge an objection against this decision.

Further information

Last Modified: 21-02-2014