P&O News 1 November 2016

Code of Conduct on Integrity in effect from 1 November 2016 ● Due to high demand, extra course for members and new members of  Boards of Examiners ● Places still available for various didactics courses

P&O News 17 October 2016

There are still places available for the 'Knowledge exchange and impact' course. Target group: researchers applying for an NWO Veni, Vidi, or Vici grant or another NWO proposal.

P&O News 21 June 2016

One-off payment for staff who joined the university after 1 September 2015  ● New ICLON training courses autumn 2016

P&O News 15 March 2016

Reader-friendly version of CAO NU ● 30% ruling for staff from abroad and the 150 kilometre limit ● Still a few places left on HRM training courses ● Staff Association Programme of Activities

P&O News 8 March 2016

Dutch Tax return for international employees • Removal bonus • Amendment of the Leiden University Regulation on the Commuting Allowance 2015 • New Regulation on the Contribution to the Cost of Computer Glasses • New Regulation on Disciplinary Measures • New ICLON training courses

P&O News 9 February 2016

Annual income tax statement 2015 available in Self Service • Filing your Dutch income tax return before 1 May 2016 • Register for the Intercultural Communication training course