P&O News 11 October 2016

Use up your holiday entitlement before 31 December 2016

Any holiday entitlement from the previous calendar year (2015) will expire at the end of 2016.

In line with the CAO NU, the Holiday procedure now states that you should take holiday in the year in which it is accrued. If that is not possible, you may carry over the remaining holiday hours to the following calendar year. Any holiday hours carried over must be used before the end of that calendar year.

Remaining holiday to be discussed with supervisor
If you carry over any holiday hours accrued in 2016 (but not used in 2016) to 2017, you should agree with your supervisor before 1 April 2017 when in 2017 you will take these holiday hours carried forward. 

Holiday requests via Self Service, unless...
The Holiday procedure also states that employees  are expected to request holidays via Self Service. This applies to all employees unless you have an annual agreement.

If by the end of 2016 you have not used Self Service to record your holidays, your holiday accrued in 2016 will be assumed to have been used up.

In short
Plan your holiday in good time and submit your holiday requests via Self Service.

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Last Modified: 17-10-2016