P&O News 8 December 2015

Salary increase • Follow-up on internationalisation survey

Salary increase

On 26 November, the parties to the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) agreed a number of issues relating to the salary increase for academic staff. With effect from 1 September 2015, salaries will increase by 1.25%, and from 1 January 2016 a further increase of 1% will be implemented. Agreements have also been reached about a one-time payment, as announced in the news article entitled 'Salary increase'. The definitive salary table effective from 1 January 2016 can be viewed on the page on Salary scales.

Survey on internatinalisation

A bit 'Thank you' from the University to all the international people at Leiden University who contributed to the survey in October. With your input, we have enough pointers to be able to take further action. 

The top 3 issues were:

Improving information and communication
The respondents indicated that they would like to have more extensive information about specific Dutch issues. They also called for greater attention to be paid to providing a dual-language environment within the University. There is also a need for a dedicated 'go-to-point' for personal support if people have particular questions.

Given the shortages in the housing market in the Randstad area, respondents would like the University to provide more support and information on housing.

Social Settling in
There is a need for social activities, with both international and Dutch people.

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