P&O News 17 November 2015

Staff training course for P&D interviews

At the request of members of staff, a new training course on how to conduct P&D interviews will be held on on 15 December 2015 from 13.00 to 17.00 hrs. The trainer will be Eric den Heijer. If you are interested in attending this workshop, you can register via Self Service. Further information is available on the staff training page.

Spotthe differences: Symposium by Young Academy of Sciences

It is high time there was greater diversity on the academic workfloor. But how can we make that happen? This was the key question at a symposium organised by the Young Academy. It is not a matter of 'wicked men wanting to exclude women' or of xenophobic researchers who are wary of people with a different skin colour. But it is still a fact that there are few leading female scientists and professors in the Netherlands and even fewer of non-Western origin.

Important recommendations from the meeting:

• Explain what you understand by greater transparency. Use clear criteria, checklists and factsheets, for example for appointments of professors. Say what you understand by particular requirements and explain why these are important. Gain some experience abroad - an absolute necessity for anyone wanting to become a professor. But this is not possible for many ambitious women who have a family. Is that a bad thing? What exactly is experience abroad? And can you substitute it with something else?
• You need to be realistic about what an academic career is like. One participant commented: ' A Veni and four small children? Get real!'  
• Professionalisation of HR staff. They can play an important positive role by paying more attention to diversity. 
• Finally: putting the issue on the agenda is a good start. Let's all ask our Dean tomorrow what he or she is going to do about it.

The report of the meeting is available on the website of the Young Academy.

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