P&O News 21 June 2016

One-off payment for staff who joined the university after 1 September 2015

In the 2015 Implementation agreement on salaries for the higher education sector, the parties to the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) have determined that a particular group of staff will receive a one-off payment in June 2016.

Who will receive the one-off payment?
Staff who joined the university after 1 September 2015 and who are still employed on 1 June 2016 will receive the payment agreed in the CAO NU of €350 for a full-time appointment. The payment will be paid on a pro-rata basis according to the contracted working hours. 

Who will not receive the payment?
Staff who were already employed on 1 Septemver 21015 received a one-off payment in December 2015 of €500 gross for a full-time appointment. Student assistants, staff in youth scales, employees on a minimum youth wage and SOM trainees will not receive the one-off payment.

New ICLON training courses autumn 2016

ICLON is offering training courses for teaching staff who want to find out more about a range of didactic subjects or who need support while acquiring their Basic Teaching Qualification.

For lecturers:

  • Designing a teaching course (improved, now with individual supervision)
  • Giving lectures and tutorials (new)
  • Blended Learning
  • Tests and assessments (improved, now with individual supervision)
  • Supervising theses
  • Workshop on Blackboard or advanced users (improved)

For PhD candidates and student assistants:

  • Starting course on basic teaching skills
  • Blackboard for advanced users, in-depth courses

In-depth courses
(free for staff of Leiden University and the LUMC):
  • Inclusive education: reaching all your students
    This course focuses on involving all your students in your teaching.
  • Making and using video clips for educational purposes
    This practical course teaches you how to broaden the video material you use in your teaching. The course starts on 5 September and consists of three sessions. 

More information and how to register
ICLON training courses

Last Modified: 23-06-2016