P&O News 1 December 2015

Taking up holiday leave via Self Service before the end of the calendar year

In line with the CAO NU, the holiday procedure states that employees have to take up their holiday entitlement in the year that the entitlement was accrued. If this is not possible, employees are allowed to carry over any remaining holiday hours to the following calendar year. Employees have to use up these hours carried forward in this following calendar year. Any hours that are not used will expire at the end of this calendar year.

The Procedure also states that employees are required to apply to take holiday hours via Self Service. This applies to all employees except for those who have made an annual agreement. If you have not recorded your holidays via the holiday registration system by the end of 2015, your entitlement for 2015 will be assumed to have been used. You are advised to plan your holidays in good time and submit your requests to take up leave via Self Service.

If you carry holiday hours accrued in 2015 but not yet used over to 2016, you are required to agree with your supervisor before 1 April 2016 when you will take up these holiday hours in 2016.

Any holiday hours from the previous year (2014) that have not been used will expire at the end of 2015.  

Register for new HRM training courses

Project management for (management) assistants
Target group: management assistants, secretaries and other supporting staff
Date: 11 February 2016
Register: you have until 19 January 2016 to register

The aim of this workshop is primarily to enable participants to improve their support to projects by giving them knowledge of and insight into project work. In addition, the knowledge they will gain will enable them to consider whether they are interested in progressing to a more demanding role in the field of project activities.  

Health Coach programma®Intensief
Target group: staff at Leiden University
Date:  the programme starts on 1 February 2016
Register: you have until 12 January 2016 to register

The Health Coach Programma® Intensief is a six-month programme in which staff who which to substantially improve their health will receive a mix of group sessions and one-on-one health coaching for a period of six months. This programme offers those who are interested the oportunity to work on their health via a scientifically proven programme.   

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Extra ICLON course for (new) members of Boards of Examiners

‘All members of Boards of Examiners should take this course’

If you become a member of a Board of Examiners, you will have to be able to provide answers to many different questions. The ICLON offers you, in collaboration with the Executive Board, a short training course  that will help you to answer these questions. The course has been given several times and the reactions have been enthusiastic.

Because of the amount of interest, the course will be given again on 12 and 19 January 2016. Register as soon as possible if you want to take part

More information and registration
Training course for new members of Boards of Examiners

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