P&O News 13 October 2015

Academic Teaching Lab: How to innovate your course in two days

The Academic Teaching Lab is an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in educational innovation for two days. It is organised by the LDE Centre for Education and Learning and will offer a rich context of educational specialists and trainers in which to focus on advancing the course(s) you teach.

On November 26 and 27, you can collaborate with colleagues and experts at Villa Augustus and improve your academic education through very practical and hands-on learning. Themes might include: flipped classrooms, online courses, improvement of student motivation and study success, gamification etc.

You do not have to be experienced in innovating education. Candidates are selected through assessment of educational improvement proposals. A total number of 12 teachers from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus network will be able to participate (i.e. approximately 4 per university). The deadline for submitting your proposal and registration is Friday 23 October. For more information and registration, please visit the LDE Centre for Education and Learning website.

Internationalisation questionnaire for non-Dutch staff members

Internationalisation is becoming increasingly important for Leiden University. The University’s institutional plan for 2015-2020, ‘Freedom to Excel’, focuses considerable attention on this issue.

With the increasing number of international staff members and the wide diversity of nationalities within our University, it is essential that we consider how our current services to this group can be optimised.

With this in mind, in week 43 a questionnaire will be distributed to non-Dutch members of staff (including visiting staff) who have joined the University since 2010. The particular expertise of this group of individuals makes them the most appropriate people to provide specific input on this issue.

A selected number of staff members will receive an email from the Rector Magnificus inviting them to complete the questionnaire. If you do, your participation is highly appreciated.

Last Modified: 12-10-2015