Performance and Development Interviews

We hold a Performance and Development Interview at least once a year with all staff members.

A periodic Performance and Development Interview with all staff members

The staff are one of the critical success factors in the University’s ambition to assume a leading position in the academic world and in society. The quality of our staff is a determining factor for our success and this holds true for both academic and support staff. The University wants to contribute to this quality by creating a stimulating and inspiring working environment and by ensuring regular dialogue between the staff members and their line managers regarding their results and development. We have therefore decided that you will have a Performance and Development Interview once a year in which your results and development over the past year will be considered and appraised. In this interview you will also reach and record agreements about your results and your development in the coming year. 

We use the Performance and Development Interview to ensure that all our work contributes systematically to the University’s objectives. This is achieved by making us aware of and reflecting on the work we do, and, where necessary, making changes to it. We also focus explicit attention here on your further development. The aim of the Performance and Development Interview is therefore to work on a situation that is of great importance for both you and the University.

During the P & D interviews a range of different matters will be discussed as part of the agreements about performance and development. These interviews are also the opportunity to bring up other issues that may be relevant.

Academic integrity is a key issue for the university. Where appropriate, this subject may also be addressed by the supervisor and/or the member of staff, and agreements made regarding this issue.

Further training requirements and/or ambitions of staff members is another significant aspect of the P & D interviews. The development and training of staff is highly important, both for performance in the present job and in terms of suitability for future positions. This is reflected in the fact that staff development is included in the Collective Labour Agreement (article 6.9). The aim is to use the P & D interviews to make effective agreements about the staff member’s future development. More information about staff development and the role of the Training Department can be found on the Training and Career Development website.

No fixed times are stipulated for the Performance and Development cycle, but at least one Performance and Development Interview should take place each year. In this interview your work over the past year will be appraised and you will make new agreements for the coming year. More interviews may take place, of course, if circumstances arise making it necessary to reach new agreements or revise existing agreements.

Annual report

To ensure an orderly Performance and Development Interview, academic staff and administrative and support staff in scale 8 and above must submit an annual report one week prior to the meeting. This report details your professional results and development during the last year. If you have teaching duties, the quality of your teaching will be one of the subjects of your Performance and Development Interview. You therefore need to include your teaching evaluations with your annual report.

In order to support you, the university has developed an Annual Report template (.docx) that you can use. You can also find this document in Self Service.

Joint responsibility

The Performance and Development Interview is the joint responsibility of you and your line manager. It is the concern of both parties that what is expected of you and how your performance is assessed should be well documented. This means that you can also initiate a Performance and Development Interview if, for example, yours does not take place annually or in good time.

The university has developed a questionnaire for the preparation of the Performance and Development interview. In this questionnaire, different types of questions and topics are suggested, both for employees and supervisors. You can also find this document in Self Service.

Linking Performance and Development Interviews to the annual salary increase

The annual salary increase depends on a positive appraisal of your performance. This appraisal, which is expressed as a score in the form of a number, must be recorded in the report of the most recent Performance and Development Interview (at the most one year ago). This change means that article 3.3 of the collective labour agreement of Dutch Universities has now been implemented.

The basis for the decision to award the periodical salary increase is always your line manager’s appraisal and explanation, translated into a score in the form of a number.

The following overview can be used as a guide:

Score Meaning periodical Salary Increase

Far exceeds the requirements set

Will be awarded, possible cause for extra remuneration

More than meets the requirements set

Will be awarded

Meets the requirements set

Will be awarded


Improvement needed

Will not be awarded, except in special circumstances (e.g. if the expectation is that the requirements will be met in the short-term)

 1 Improvement needed in the short term Will not be awarded

The final decision about whether a periodical pay raise will be awarded is taken by the so-called holder of the staff mandate. At the faculties this is the Director of Operational Management, at the centres of expertise and institutes it is the Director of a unit or the Scientific Director. An objection can be lodged or an appeal made against the decision following in the usual procedure. For further information please contact your HRM department.

Once you have reached the maximum level of your scale

It goes without saying that you continue to have Performance and Development Interviews once you have reached the maximum of your scale. The interviews are mainly about your performance during the last year and about making good agreements concerning results and development in the coming year.


Leiden University Regulations on Performance and Development Interviews


Performance and Development Interview form

Explanation of the Performance and Development form

Training for staff and for managers

Leiden University would like to help you conduct a good Performance and Development Interview; we therefore provide all staff with the opportunity to attend a training course. The aim of such training is to provide you with a number of tools that could help you in the interview either as staff member or as manager.

For more information about our P&D training, please visit the page on Training courses.

Last Modified: 06-12-2016