Lets talk about diversity

The Diversity Office will be offering a series of monthly Let’s Talk sessions. Next session: 17 November. Come, listen and connect!

Our community is more diverse than one might at first assume.  Having said that, what does that really mean?  It means that we have a wealth of stories that weave us together as a community.  To understand and feel comfortable with those stories we have to listen, engage, and connect.  The stories are everywhere, but you may need to make some effort to connect with those that may initially seem so different from your own.  So how do you do that?

The Diversity Office will be offering a series of monthly Let’s Talk sessions.  During these talks a Leiden University community member will share their personal story with the group.  Afterwards a discussion will be facilitated.  How did you connect with that story?  What did it remind you of?  How is it different from or similar to your own story?
Guest speakers are invited for the first four sessions from September to December, but starting in the new year people can sign up to volunteer their story.  The third session will take place on Thursday 17 November with Professor Tjerk Oosterkamp.  Professor Oosterkamp is a professor in physics and specializes in quantum matter and optics.  He will share his classroom experiences to give insight to what studying with an autism diagnosis might look like. The talk will be in English.

Come and participate.  Bring yourself, a friend, an open mind, and a spirit of adventure.   

More information

Thursday 17 November/Donderdag November
Faculty Club Grachtenkamer
17:30 – 19:30

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