New website for students

Today Leiden University launched the new student website. In the past few months the student website has been extensively overhauled to give it a more up-to-date ‘look and feel’ with shorter, more concise information.

All information in one place

Within one environment students will have access to all the relevant information from their study programme and central departments. Depending on their study programmes they will be able to find information on subjects such as Study and studying; Guidance and advice; Administrative matters (registration & de-registration); Internships, career and work; Management and organisation; Buildings and facilities and Student life.

Screenshot: the new homepage

Screenshot: the new homepage

What will change?

Study programme websites in their current form will eventually cease to exist and all information will be incorporated into the students website. This means that information can be made clearer and easier to find for students and incorrect information can be spotted more quickly.

What's new?

The new website has many benefits for students. Some of these include:

  • New design – the website has a more up-to-date look
  • Responsive design – the website adapts to the size of your mobile phone or tablet screen
  • Intregrated content – information about support services, faculties and study programmes has been brought together in one place
  • Easy to find information –the user’s needs are key and the navigation structure facilitates easy location of information
  • Dual language – information is available in Dutch and English

How do you use the website?

Select a study programme
To access the website you must always select a study programme or specialisation, by either typing the programme name (quickest option) or logging in with your ULCN account.

Screenshot: make a selection or log in with your ULCN account

Screenshot: make a selection or log in with your ULCN account


If you have a question about the project or the website please send an email to:, or contact your faculty or department web editor.

Last Modified: 24-11-2016