Integrity and ancillary activities

Code of Conduct on Integrity

The Executive Board attaches great importance to all aspects of integrity:  in academic knowledge, in management and in operations. In the Code of Conduct on Integrity Leiden University 2016 gives a coherent picture of the integrity policy of the university.

Code of Conduct on Integrity

Academic Integrity

The Leiden University Academic Integrity Regulations provides for a Committee for Academic Integrity. The procedure states that you can report a complaint about a suspected violation of academic integrity committed by a member of the Leiden University staff to this Committee. You are also free to discuss the issue with your Scientific Director or Dean first if you prefer.

Academic Integrity Regulations

Ancillary activities

Under certain conditions, the regulations for ancillary activities oblige all staff to report their ancillary activities and to receive permission for this.

More about ancillary activities

Last Modified: 28-10-2016