Parking subscription on the LU-card and end of free parking

From 1 September, parking subscriptions for University car parks or garages will be included on the LU-card. Parking will cost 15 euro per month everywhere, and employees can decide for themselves how many months they need the subscription. There are special arrangements for contractors and visitors.

You need to have a LU-card

The LU-card (Leiden University card) will increasingly be used for additional facilities. From 1 September, employees who want a Univeristy parking subscription, including for the Maliebaan garage near to the Faculty of Humanities, need a LU-card. If you don't yet have a card, now's the time to apply for one.  

Two months free

You can apply for a parking subscription using an internet form. The subscription is for a maximum of a year, but it is also possible to opt for a shorter period, for example just in the winter. Use of a University parking place costs 15 euro per month per employee, irrespective of whether you work full time or part time. There is no need to interrupt your subscription for holiday periods or a stay abroad, for instance: an annual parking subscription costs 150 euro, which means you have two months free. 

Paying with your PIN

Once your application has been accepted, you should go to the Helpdesk for the LU-card at your faculty or department (the location will be indicated on the form), where you can pay the cost of the subscription with your PIN card.  This is the only method of payment accepted. The parking subscription will then be put onto your LU-card (don't forget to take the card with you!), and you then have immediate access to the car park. 

End of free parking

From 1 September, you will also have to pay for car parks that have so far been free, such as in the Boerhaave area and at the Gorlaeus labs. This will then be in line with the practice that has been in place for the past 11 years for University car parks in the city centre.

Contractors, visitors, course participants

You can read about parking arrangements for contractors, visitors and course participants on the Parking policy  website



(August 2012)

Last Modified: 14-08-2012