Examples of succesful support

Prof. Doris Heinrich

Prof. Doris Heinrich

After a personal scan for funding possibilities
Prof. Doris Heinrich, Physics institute: “Thanks a lot for all your input on EU funding and on Marie Curie Training Networks. This was absolutely great! Right after we had discussed all this, I got an invitation to join a Marie Curie ETN initiative.”

During help reviewing a VIDI proposal
Dr. Martina Vijver, Institute of Environmental Sciences: “Thanks for your advice, I will include it all.

After a H2020 information meeting on collaborative grants
Prof. Niels Schiller, Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition (LIBC) & Leiden University Center for Linguistics (LUCL): “Thanks for your clear presenation on November 21st and for sending me the slides.

Dr. Joost Augusteijn, Director of Studies, Institute of History: “I was there for the meeting on November 21st about grant applications under Horizon2020. We would like to share the delivered information to our WP at the Insitute for History.

Management assistant of prof. Jaap Brouwer, Scientific Director Chemistry institute: “Jaap wanted to emphasize that he was really enthousiastic about the meeting.

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